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Here's stuff that G-gurl likes:

Hey its me gwenny. i luv:
blink, duh!
No Doubt
200 cigarettes
The Little Mermaid
Ureathra Chronicles
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Here's sumthin Gwen wrote about blinkies:
blinkies up my ass
blinkies in my science class
blinkis suck my toes
and blinkies pick my nose
but the thing that i like best
is when blinkies make a mess....
in their pantz

Here's another:
tom is in the cupboard
travis is in my shoe
mark is in a telephone both
smearing lots of poo....
on the wall

And one more:
stoopid man at the store
wouldnt let me have the display
cuz i'm a blinkie whore
and i alwayz get my way
so i just said FUH YOU!
and i walked away
and thats the story
of my blinkie day