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hey, so heres the newz:
in the county where mary lives there was a blinkie show on july 24. A week later an angry parent wrote to the county paper to discuss her disgust... heres tha lettah:
"On a hot, humid evening in July, I took my 13-year-old daughter, her friend and my 10-year-old to a rock concert at Merriweather. The band, Blink 182, has had a few hits on the radio, and I knew they were very popular with teens.
When the curtain came up, a four letter expletive blazed across the stage."(authors note- it was a flaming "fuck")" How bizzare to hear the cheers of the audience, as if energized by the sight and sounds of profanity.
The "music" itself was full of vulgar and base lyrics. The band was delighted in the response to their crude mentaries.
What is it with this generation's devotion to the 'f' word? I guess every generation tries to define itself as unique in some way. My 10-year-old nailed it when she said, "Mom, at first I thought this was good, but it just got really gross." We all walked out.
Why in the world would I expose my children to a band that panders to prurient interests and has a facination with profanity? Well I guess I got duped.
Parents, beware. My advice: Go to lyrics.com or listen to the band's CD before attending a concert."
Now isnt that great?! i just wanna write back in... heheh.

here's us:

our goals as a club are to, obviously, blow blink.

short history

we formed one glorious night when the three weeblos and a friend watched the ureathra chronicles, a great piece about the woes of three males in the spotlight, mark H, Tom D, Travis B. more history in the OLdsKOoL sedction.

the three weeblos

we have three weeblos:
Mary P

A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Marg Williams is our President.